Privacy + Terms

Your notes are yours, and only yours.

Your notes are only accessible to you through the Minimal app and iCloud. We never read, share, or collect the contents of your notes. Only you and those you share notes with have access to your notes.

Privacy is a right, and Minimal honors that right.

Minimal does not have a user database. We do gather very limited analytics, including anonymized usage analytics to make our services better, and in-app commerce events to ensure our ad channels are working.

One reason we chose to use iCloud for syncing is that it inherently honors privacy, and as Apple makes privacy improvements, Minimal automatically receives those improvements.

The Minimal website is built with,, and Any usage is subject to their privacy and terms. We neither added nor modified privacy-related infrastructure to the Minimal website.

Email correspondence is retained to ensure quality and enable follow-up communications.

Minimal costs money.

We believe charging the customer directly is a beautiful business model that ties craftsmen and customers closer together. We don't sell data nor serve ads; instead, we charge a recurring fee for access to our apps.

Minimal's best features are members-only, costing $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year with an optional free trial. Subscriptions automatically renew, and your iTunes account is charged upon purchase. Cancel in iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before renewal. Free trials may be voided in event of purchase.

We do make it extremely easy to cancel free trials and paid subscriptions with a big button in the settings menu that takes you to the subscription management pane in your iTunes account settings.

Publish as Website

Notetakers can publish notes as websites. By default, these websites are public and can be searchable on the web. We play a minor editorial role to ensure Publish as Website is used for safe purposes and to highlight compelling stories, articles, and notes that we believe deserve attention and appreciation.

Beta Testing

For beta testers, please be aware that we may make a change that permanently causes the loss of notes. For critically important notes, please have a backup stored elsewhere.

Last updated March 15, 2022

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